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I never write reviews but i feel like it is unfair that people dont know the truth. THE AUDIO WILL GET MOVED BACK AND THE APP WILL NOT OPEN COMPLETELY AFTER AWHILE. This happened the day before my sisters graduation party for which i made a movie for. Dont waste your time. Youll be sorry.

Great but fix

Disappointed, crashed twice and messed up the entire audio. Spent a good amount of time re-editting, then the next second it crashes back to square one. Fix it

Can you add

Hi can you add in for your trailers for photos. Thank you

Great editor until this.

Every time I go to add new videos, I scroll down to see them, then it just lags so hard, its unresponsive, then it crashes itself. Apple, please fix this, I want to use this editor while it lasts.


The app is awesome. I like to use the app to edit YouTube videos. Love it!!!!!!?❤️❤️?❤️??

fix this omg

Good for a little while and then sometimes the app doesnt let you put in transitions and the audio glitches. On top of that, Ill play it and download it and then on my camera roll it sounds like crap. Please fix this- I didnt pay money to deal with this

No Subtitles/Captions Feature!

As advance of an app as this is, and NOT to offer the ability to add captions and subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is VERY disappointing! Once Apple gets with the 21st century and adds this basic editing feature that would allow equal access the a large population of people, my ratings will continue to be less than favorable ??

So cool?

so this app is really cool! Awesome to make your own mini movies!! I use it a lot with my friends and we all love to make our own stories(that are super simple). Great app?

Good !!

I love this app,I use it all the time for my YouTube videos!But I was organizing my home screen,and this app disappeared! I went to the App Store,and it said I still had it , so I can go to the app that way, but not any other way! Please help!

Imovie is trash

It lags so much on imovie. It takes so much longer than it should to upload something. And sometimes it can CRASH and you have to delete the app and get it back and everything will be gone.

I love this app



Ive been sing this app for awhile now but I just recently deleted it now Im trying to download it again and it keeps saying app cannot be downloaded at this time I dont have problem when downloading any other app . ??‍♂️

Very good. But app storage is an issue

This app is very good for editing with an iOS device. But am I the only one who thinks this takes up too much storage? Especially for a 16gb phone that I have. If you want to make some cool videos, Id definitely recommend it!

Love this app

Love it


i wanna say that ive been using imovie to edit my videos for years now and its honestly an amazing app . however recently i made a video and it took me 4 hours to edit but for some reason it doesnt let me save the video . every time i try it loads all the way and stops at the end and says " export failed " and doesnt let me export it through anywhere else . please fix this . i wanna export my video and i dont wanna delete it because i worked hard on it .

Good but used to be better

Before I could use any song in my library but now I can only use certain ones because its gray

good app but

very easy to use, but when i put two muted video clips together, some of the sound will strike during the video transition. needs to be fixed! it makes my videos look bad.



One problem

I love this app I use it for editing musicallys and stuff but recently my friend had asked me to edit her YouTube video and of course I said yes but the video was 3:07 and it wouldnt download so I had to delete a bunch and its now 2:56 and its just not downloading... its so frustrating. Please fix


This is gonna be short. I love the app, I just want to be able to do the same stuff as the computer version. Otherwise this is a great app!!

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